Stay Tuned for Shoptalk!

Hello beauties! so as promised I have been making a page all about Smartstyle! This page will feature sales, promotions, latest trends in the salon, products and much more! so stay tuned for the new page on my site! I’m trying to have it published by tomorrow!



Hello beauties:) So as I’ve mentioned, I’m a stylist at smartstyle located in Walmart. I’ve been thinking about having a page solely for smartstyle and everything going on inside the salon, like letting you know the latest sales and discounts! Also reviewing product we use in the salon, such as Regis designline, biolage, big and sexy, Paul mitchel, and a few others! Also I could definitely do tutorials and answer all of your hair related questions! So let me know what you think! Like this blog entry if you think it’s a good idea, and bare with me! I’m new at blogging and still getting the hang of it! Until next time, stay beautiful!